Release date announcement!!!

This is one of those good news bad news posts, and I’m sorry for it.  

I sincerely thought I would be done with Breaking Her months ago, but it didn’t quite work out that way.  Because life.  Recently, I’ve been holed up to finish, and I was positive I’d be done weeks ago, but every day I thought was the last day I came up with something that I absolutely had to add to the story, or something that needed to go, or something that needed to be reworked completely.  I’m not the fastest writer.  I’m just not.  I linger at every line, dissect it, move on, come back, wash, rinse, repeat.  And this story for me particularly had to end in just the right way.  It had to suit Scarlett, and she is not an easy woman to please.  Priority one for me was doing these characters the justice I felt they deserved.

The bad news:  Breaking Her is still being worked on.  Edited, fine-tuned, all the shit you do to a book to make it shiny and pretty before you hand your baby out to the world.

I was so sure I’d have at least some ARC paperbacks for ABF, and I do not.  I simply couldn’t get them shipped in time.  You have no idea how sad I am about it.  I will, however, be taking orders for all attendees, and I’ll send out signed copies for anyone who orders at the event from my first shipment of paperbacks. 

 The good news:  I will be doing the cover reveal this weekend, at Austin Book Fest, so keep an eye out for that!  And finally.  I know, fucking finally!  I have a release date!  Breaking her will go live on March 29th!   

For ABF attendees:  We have lots of fun stuff planned for this event!  We’ll be doing the cover reveal at our table, giving out over 50 audiobooks, and #Becausetequila shot glasses to anyone that either buys a book, or brings one in for me to sign.  All of the freebies are first come first serve.  Can’t wait to see you there!