IRIS TEASER. And did you see there's a pre-order?

Here's a little snippet from iris:)  Just a little over two weeks until release, but the pre-order is available now!

“Sit down," Iris ordered.  "I know just what to get, but I want to surprise you.”  She smiled at me over her shoulder as she walked away.  

Her eyes scrambled my brain.  I couldn’t even properly check out her ass until she’d turned them from me.

She’d said she wanted to surprise me, but I watched the entire thing from my chair, mouth dry, fists clenched.  

She chose the sweet cream flavored ice cream, mixed it with cinnamon, and topped it with powdered sugar, shooting me that sweet, wicked smile of hers from time to time.  

I was wearing a T-shirt, but I found myself pulling at my collar, as though the loose material was too tight.  I’d thought about her a lot since she’d left, but my memories hadn’t done justice to the way she made my blood pressure rise with just a glance.  

It was out of hand, to say the least.   

She joined me, sitting close beside me instead of across, her left hand going to my knee to rub as she arranged the first small spoonful of the sin she was weaving for me.

“Let me take the first bite, make sure it turned out right,” said Iris.  

I swallowed hard and watched.

“Do you think of me every time you taste cinnamon now, baby?” she asked, the most irresistible twinkle in her eye.

I didn’t even have words for that bit of torment.  

She absolutely knew what she did to me.

And she loved every second of it.

I could only nod.  

“Me too.  It’ll never be the same.”  She leaned in very close, giving me a stellar view of her cleavage.  

Her voice lowered to just above a whisper.  “Just the smell of it Dair, and I’m wet.”

I swear I forgot my own name, where I was, and how I’d gotten there as she took that first luscious bite.  

I watched raptly as the cold spoon pushed past her lips into her mouth, her tongue swirling over the bit of cinnamon flecked ice cream.  

Fucking hell.  

As though it wasn’t overkill, she kept that spoon in her mouth for a long while, licking it, sucking it until it went past clean and clearly into dirty.  

Finally she pulled it free, smiled, and reiterated her earlier mind-boggling statement.  “Wet.”

I shut my eyes, done for and aware of it.    

She was soothing chaos.

Like that first taste of anesthesia, before you lost your senses. 

Or the venom that numbed you before it killed you.

I really couldn’t decide which.  

The verdict was definitely still out on that.

“Ready for a taste?”  

Fuck me and her loaded questions.  

But I opened my eyes, nodded, and took everything she offered with no hesitation. 

And there it was.  That flavor that had been assigned to a memory I could never forget.  The sweet spice of the cinnamon, the powdery texture of the sugar, and that sweet creamy flavor that tied it all together.  

 Yep, I was ruined for cinnamon.  

She’d known it and I knew it now.