FINALLY! In Flight is live on iTunes!

It's been several months since I uploaded In Flight, Mile High, and Grounded,  to iTunes, and In Flight is finally live!  The Apple review process is arbitrary and the least Indie friendly of all of the self-pubbing sites, but at last, we are on it with In Flight and Breathing Fire.  My other titles are not available yet, but hopefully will be soon, and I will post links as soon as I see them.  Sorry to all of the iBooks readers for the delay, but as I said, Apple is not at all Indie friendly.  If you want to see the rest of my books on their site sooner, including Bad Things, I highly recommend contacting Apple directly and requesting the books, as they have all been in their review process for months.  I have called, written, and complained many times, with little results, but maybe if they get a few complaints from readers, they will expedite their process.