Mr. Lilley and the things I am thankful for.

For my husband.    

My home does not exist as a location on a map.  It hasn’t for fifteen years now.  It exists in a person.  Yes, it is you.  You are my home, my partner in crime, my biggest supporter, and my loudest cheerleader. 

I am a caffeine addicted, sleep deprived, neurotic and obsessed writer with a sassy attitude who eats sarcasm for breakfast, and you love me anyways.   

I see the future because of you.  Yes, you are responsible for making me clairvoyant.  You can add that to the list of your many talents.  I see us together fifty years from now, holding hands and laughing our asses off at the world.  You make a joke out of everything, and it is my perfect balance.  I could easily be the person that takes life too seriously, but you wouldn’t put up with that shit for one millisecond.  I think, of all of the things I adore about you, I love that, and need it, the most.  You make me laugh, not just every day, but many times every day.  You make me a better person, and for that, I am blogging to the world and embarrassing the hell out of you.

Oh, did you think I was done after that?  Not a chance.  I still have many more things to thank you for.

Thank you for being an involved, present, and devoted father to our two beautiful sons.  There is nothing I value more in life than that devotion, that strength of character that you prove to me every day.  You’ve restored my faith in what a man can be for his family.  I never even knew what a real father was supposed to be, until you showed it to me with our beautiful boys.  

Thank you for never letting the M-word (MATH) within six feet of me.  Thank you for still quoting Arrested Development to me (and getting the joke when I quote it to you) years after the show went off the air.  Thank you for the thousand inside jokes that only we will likely ever understand.  

Thank you for making sure I don’t starve to death when I’m on a deadline.  Thank you for being a damn fine table helper.  Seriously, the best.  Thank you for being the person who’s opinion I value the most, and not being a dick about it.  

Thank you for being as nerdy as me.  It makes it so much more fun.  

I’m a romance writer, but you are by far the romantic.  There is nothing a woman needs more from her husband than to be adored.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me all of the adoration I will ever need.  I can write with authority about romance because you have taught me the very meaning of the word.  

Still not done.  

Thank you for putting up with all of my healthy cooking, and acting like you enjoy it.  Thank you for pushing me, even when I push back.  Thank you for sharing my need to see the world.  All of it.  Twice.  Thank you for dressing in theme with me and the boys every single Halloween, and partying at Mickey’s Halloween Party until they kick us out, every time.  

Thank you for giving me joy, and helping me to raise our sons in a house where they get to see us experiencing joy wholeheartedly and often.    

Thank you for being willing to just call somebody when something needs fixed, instead of trying to do it yourself.  Thank you for loving video games more than football (it is much easier for me to get into)  Thank you for letting me force you to watch weird anime that I think is hilarious, and letting me drag you to strange places just because I think it's funny.  

Thank you for being willing to ask for directions, because I would just wander around lost for days before I would do it.  Thank you for letting me pick all of the paint colors, and sleeping on a too soft bed with me because it helps my back.  Thank you for carrying all of the bags, and opening doors when I’m not too fast and beat you to it.   

Thank you for being ridiculously talented at carving pumpkins.  I swear this is a sign that we are soul mates.  Thank you for always sharing a meal when we eat out because you know how much I hate to waste food.  

Thank you for thinking it’s funny when I threaten to kill you in your sleep.  I’m almost always joking, I promise.  

Thank you for making sure we never, ever run out of coffee.  Smart man.  Thank you for getting me flowers every time you go to Costco.  They’re beautiful and never too expensive, which suits my frugal soul perfectly.  

Thank you for taking care of the new puppies.  Watching you play with those little white balls of fluff is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

And last but not least: Thank you for taking so much of the weight I bear in life on your broad, strong shoulders.  I couldn’t do any of it without you.  

Thank you.